Drain blockages are a common issue, and there can be a number or causes. It is often a problem that can cause disruption to your day and can end up costing a lot of money if you go to the wrong company.

Baby wipes often cause problems where they are continually flushed down the toilet as they have a tendency to build up and block the pipework in the manhole/inspection chamber. They may seem innocuous, but actually they are among the most difficult items to clear.

Blocked Sinks

A sink can become blocked due to a variety of reasons. This could be either food waste that has built up on the side of the pipes or cooking oils and fats slowing down the water flow.

AA Plumbing can be trusted to provide a local, 24-hour service with no hidden costs or call out fees.

Blocked Toilets

A blocked toilet can cause all kinds of problems in any household or office environment. Even if flooding has not occurred just yet, it is worth giving the drain experts a call for their advice on how to proceed.

AA Plumbing are available to help with any drainage emergency and can resolve any situation, leaving you with a clean and unblocked toilet.

Blocked Gully

Gullies can become blocked by a number of different things, including waste food and grease or fat, if the blockage is during autumn or winter an additional problem of leaves and other debris can become increase the issue.

This issue can be avoided by simply having the right drain cover attached, AA Plumbing has both the experience and expertise to professionally advise you and for a competitive price, clear out any blockage and fit the correct cover

Blocked Showers and Baths

Blocked showers are rarely considered a major issue, but when the blockage is situated in the trap or pipework there is often little access.

Our engineers have plenty of experience in dealing with these kinds of blockages, which are usually caused by the build-up of hair and scale. Using out up to date technology we are able to solve the problem, with as little disruption to your day as possible.

Another common blockage that we deal with is in bath tubs. This may be a blockage to the drain overflow which cannot be cleared with conventional chemicals or a household plunger. This problem can be caused by the build-up of hair and general condiment sludge. If not dealt with when the issue first arises it can soon end up blocking the pipes as well as the outside gullies too.

Collapsed Drains

During our years in the industry we have encountered numerous collapsed drains, all of which have been tackled with the professionalism and efficiency you would expect of a leading drain repairs company.

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